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The Nine Rings of Power for Men (Ringwraiths)
Continuing our dive into the Rings of Power, we cover the "Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die." A likely plot point of Amazon's Lord of the Rings series, Sauron gives nine rings to men tempted by power. The rings give them long life and help them become mighty kings, warriors, and sorcerers. They would gradually be pulled into the Unseen until they exist entirely in the wraith world and are fully enslaved under the power of The One Ring.
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The Seven Dwarf Rings of Power
Seven for the dwarves in their halls of stone. Today, we cover the seven dwarven rings of power, from their creation in Eregion, to falling into Sauron's hands, to ultimately being given to the dwarves. From there, they would be at the foundation of legendary treasure hoards of the dwarves, before falling - one by one - to either dragons or Sauron himself.
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The Three Elven Rings of Power
We are starting a series on the Rings of Power! Beginning with the elves, we will uncover what exactly the powers were of the Three Elven Rings, what made them special compared to the rings of the dwarves and men, and how they were passed on from their creator, Celebrimbor, to Galadriel, Gil-galad (eventually Elrond), and Cirdan (eventually Gandalf). Enjoy this video to learn all about Nenya, the ring of water, Vilya, the ring of air, and Narya, the ring of fire!
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The Filter Panel
Весьма полезное руководство для пользования фильтрами квестов, лута и аудио.
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Shire Time Laps
One and half day in Shire.
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I’m sexy and I know it
Playing around with Sony Vegas and some lotro captures, This is the first result.
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Premium Housing
Premium Housing - Cape of Belfalas - LOTRO Update 19 Beta.
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