Captain Brackenbrook

Strider will rest easy if Archet is made aware of the imminent threat from the Blackwolds, but the leader of the town's garrison, Captain Brackenbrook, is distrustful of the dangerous-looking Rangers. He simply will not heed Strider's warning.

Bestowal Dialogue

'Perhaps you can help, Aleene. The people of Archet will be in great danger when the Blackwolds execute the plan we witnessed last night. The Captain here, a man named Brackenbrook, does not like my look, and will not heed my warnings.

'Pray, speak to him on my behalf, and see if you can rouse him!

'Every moment I spend here is a moment in which my true charge plunges blindly nearer to unfathomable peril! The Black Rider you saw last night seeks a Baggins, and our friend Mundo is not the one.'

Objective 1

Captain Brackenbrook is in the town of Archet, near The Mad Badger Inn.

You should speak with Captain Brackenbrook on Strider's behalf and try to convince him to heed the Blackwold threat.

Objective 2

The townsfolk of Archet are standing around the town, the presence of Ranger guests having drawn their attention.

You should speak to the townsfolk to see if anyone else is on your side and not Brackenbrook's.

Objective 3

Strider is in the town of Archet, awaiting word.

You should speak with Strider and tell him of Captain Brackenbrook's folly.